Germany 2049 - On the path to sustainable raw materials management

Start:12th of July 2014
End:not finished yet
Description:Energy transition, rising consumption, new infrastructures: the demand for raw materials such as building and industrial materials as well as ore and metals is not only high in Germany, it is also increasing globally as a result of the growth of newly industrialised and developing countries. At the same time, the production of many raw materials often involves serious negative impacts, socially and environmentally, at home and – above all – abroad. Although the German government’s sustainability strategy foresees raw material productivity doubling by 2020, there are no long-term policy targets or specific measures for how these future challenges are to be met. Against this background, Oeko-Institut is launching a new project – “Germany 2049 – On the path to sustainable raw materials management” – which will develop a comprehensive strategy for sustainable raw materials management in the long term using the example of the industrial society of Germany.
Authors involved:Schmidt, Gerhard
Schulze, Falk
Degreif, Stefanie
Manhart, Andreas
Stahl, Hartmut
Buchert, Matthias

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3. Policy Paper - Germany 2049
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2. Policy Paper - Germany 2049
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