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Climate Protection Potential in the Waste Management Sector


The study focuses on the pressing problems of climate change, and examines the contribution that municipal waste management can potentially make to reducing greenhouse gases. The EU 27 still releases up to 110 million t CO2 eq from landfill every year. Simply phasing out landfill would make a major additional contribution to climate protection. For the EU 27, unlike Germany, no base year in the past was investigated for comparison purposes, so it is not possible to make statements about any greenhouse gas reduction contributions which the EU 27 may already have made to climate protection. However, on the basis of the assessment year 2007, the municipal waste sector in the EU 27 could contribute up to 32% to the EU 27 reduction target for 2020.

Date:January 31st, 2010
File: Ufo_waste_climate_2010_en_lastl.pdf (0.57 MB)
Author/Authors:Dehoust, Günter
Schüler, Doris
Topics:Renewable raw materials